Fino : Clear & Comfortable Lenses

FINO Hard Multi-Coated Lenses are extremely thin and comfortable to wear. FINO is the solution to the people with active lifestyle seeking thin and durable lenses for perfect vision and aesthetics.

  • See Better with an aesthetic appeal.
  • Eliminate irritating reflections due to scratches.
  • Hard multi coat makes it easy to clean.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • EMI coating.


Fino : Lighter & Thinner

Lighter & Thinner

Fino : Multicoated for Excellent Scratch Resistance

Multicoated for Excellent Scratch Resistance

Fino : Thin & Light for Greater Comfort

Thin & Light

For Greater Comfort

FINO lenses are thinner compared to the standard CR 39 lenses. This makes it aesthetically pleasing and gives the wearer a better look.

Fino : Superior Scratch Resistance for Durability

Superior Scratch Resistance

For Durability

FINO lenses have superior Hard Multi coating. This makes the lenses scratch resistant, durable and comfortable.

Fino : Multicoated for Clear Vision


For Clear Vision

The Premium Multi Coating makes the lenses stronger and more durable.

UV 400 Protection

Fino : UV 400 Protection

FINO lenses are 100% UV protected hence giving you complete protection from harmful UV rays emitted by the Sun.

* Available in all Fino Lenses except 1.50 Fino HMC

EMI Coating

Fino : EMI Coating

EMI stands for Electro Magnetic Interference. Fino lenses come with EMI coating. This feature prevents the eyes from unwanted glares emitted by the computer, T.V. etc.

* Available in 1.56, 1.60 ASP & 1.67 ASP Fino Lenses

Fino Sunlite Photochromic Lenses


Fino Sunlite
Fino Sunlite : Completely Dark when exposed to Sun Light

Completely Dark when exposed to Sun Light

Fino Sunlite : Perfectly Clear Lens Indoors and at Night

Perfectly Clear Lens Indoors and at Night

Fino Sunlite lenses change colour very fast

Fino Sunlite lenses change colour very fast.

100% UV Protection

Fino Sunlite : 100% UV Protection

One of the main reasons for visual impairment is the damage caused due to the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Fino Sunlite prevents such rays to enter the eyes since these lenses are with UV 400 protection coating.

Fino Sunlite is Aspheric in Design

Fino Sunlite is Aspheric in Design

This provides a flatter surface thus giving a smart and sleek look. Aspheric lenses greatly reduce undesired distortion of image on the periphery of the lens so the world looks more natural to the wearer.

Super Hydrophobic Coating

Fino Sunlite : Super Hydrophobic Coating

Fino Sunlite comes with Superhydrophobic coating which provides more smooth lens sur face compared to regular multicoat which repels anything that sticks on the surface as water droplets shown below thus keeping the surface scratch/smudge free.

EMI Coating

Fino Sunlite : EMI Coating

EMI stands for Electro Magnetic Interference. Fino Sunlite lenses come with EMI coating. This feature prevents the eyes from unwanted glares emitted by the computer, T.V. etc.

Fino Xtreme


Xtreme Safety

Xtreme Safety

Tougher than glass or plastic (CR 39) lenses

10 times more impact resistant than glass or plastic lenses, XTREME polycarbonate lenses are known to survive the impact of a steel ball travelling 160km/hr-without shattering. Extremely safe for children and those engaged in active lifestyles.

Built-in UV Protection

Fino Xtreme : Built-in UV Protection

XTREME Polycarbonate Lenses come with 100% UV protection-without need for any special coating. Which means you can be assured of protecting your eyes against harmful eye-damage resulting from exposure to UV rays. A good way to ward off cataract and other eye problems.

Xtreme Clarity Scratch-Resistant Coating

Xtreme Clarity Scratch-Resistant Coating

XTREME Polycarbonate Lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating to keep the lenses clear for as long as possible. Even when worn by children.

Xtreme Lighter and Thinner

Xtreme Lighter and Thinner

XTREME Polycarbonate Lenses are 20% lighter than standard plastic or glass lenses and 20-25% thinner. This keeps your glasses from sliding down your nose, while making them more attractive to look at and comfortable to wear.

Xtreme Clarity Anti-Reflection Coating

Xtreme Clarity Anti-Reflection Coating

XTREME Polycarbonate Lenses come with a anti-reflection coating to eliminate glare and loss of clarity due to reflected light.

Xtreme Choice for Rimless Glasses

Xtreme Choice for Rimless Glasses

Because they are less likely to fracture than regular plastic lenses, XTREME Polycarbonate Lenses are also a good choice for rimless eyewear designs where the lenses are attached to the frame components with drill mountings.



Benefits of Safex
High Impact Resistance

High Impact Resistance

Safe-X spectacle lenses are high impact resistant, hence more durable and are less likely to break than any other regular material like plastic or polycarbonate. A smart choice for people in active lifestyle, high on safety jobs and for children.

Ideal for Rimless frames

Due to the high tensile strength of Safe-X lenses it is easier to drill and mount the lens for making rimless frame fitting.

Ideal for Rimless frames
Superior Optics

Superior Optics

Safe-X spectacle lenses provide almost natural vision. No distortion or haziness of the image occurs when viewed through the lens.


Safe-X lenses are lighter which makes the complete eyewear (frame plus lens) very comfortable for all day wear.



Safe-X spectacle lenses have high tensile strength which makes it very tough to break. This property makes it the best suitable lens for rimless frames since no crack occurs during edging.

Available with Satin relief coating:

  • Blocks the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices
  • Protects eyes from eye strain, inflammation (redness), blurry vision and headache.
  • Provides UV 400 protection
  • Comes with superhydrophobic coating which makes the surface smoother and helps in easy cleaning and maintenance. This resists scratches and smudges on the lens surface.
  • This is ideal for people who are using computers or laptops since these devices emit blue light. Also recommendable for kids of the new age of e-learning.
Fino Double Aspheric Lens

Not only the front of the lens is aspheric, but the back of the lens has the same aspheric design, hence the name, 'double aspheric’.


Standard Plastic Lens

Standard Plastic Lens

Thinner and Lighter Fino Double Aspheric Lens

Thinner and Lighter Fino Double Aspheric Lens

The combination of a double aspheric design with high-index lens materials creates a lens that is noticeably slimmer, thinner and lighter than conventional glass or plastic lenses.

Flat And Sleek Fino Double Aspheric Lens

Flat And Sleek

Low Profile - Spectacles that are made with Fino double aspheric lenses have a lower lens profile which is more attractive for wearers.
Flat and Sleek- a design that allows the lens to be flatter and sleeker than a traditional spherical lens.

Sharpness Of Vision in Traditional Lens

Sharpness Of Vision

Traditional lenses create distortion as the wearer moves his eyes away from the centre of the lens, causing vision to lose sharpness and acuity.They also magnify or shrink the images the wearer sees.

Sharpness Of Vision in Double Aspheric Lens

Sharpness Of Vision in Double Aspheric Lens

Due to the subtle curve of a double aspheric lens it allows the wearers to see correctly and evenly across the entire area of the lens.This feature is not available in regular lenses.

Conventional Lens


In a Conventional Lens the image looks distorted at the edges. Only the centre of the lens provides a sharper image.

Fino Double Aspheric Lens


In Fino Double Aspheric Lens the image is clear throughout the lens without any distortion at the edges.

Wider Field Of Vision


Fino Double Aspheric Lens provides a wider field of vision as they have an exceptionally large focal point area. There is no distortion of image at the edges as compared to a conventional lens.

Lenses Are Even More Light Weight

light weight

Normal aspheric lenses are only aspheric on the outer surface, but double aspheric lenses are aspheric on both sides of the lens. This gives you an even more lightweight version of eyewear than aspheric lenses.

Lenses Are UV Protected

Lenses Are UV Protected

Extended exposure to the sun's UV rays has been linked to eye damage, including cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss.

Improves Apperance For CYL Powers

Apperance For CYL Powers

For those of you who have a cylindrical prescription, you will find the Fino double aspheric lens particularly useful. On a normal aspheric lens, if you require a high cylindrical power, the distortion at the edges will be increased. With double aspheric lenses, the curve on both sides of the lens ensures that distortion is kept to an absolute minimum.

Super Hydrophobic Coating

Fino Double Aspheric Lenses are with Super Hydrophobic Coating. This smooth top layer helps to prevent dirt, dust and water droplets to stick on the surface of the lens thus protecting the lenses from unwanted scratches and smudges. This coating also provides an anti-glare surface thus making the eyes visible from outside due to non-reflection of light rays on the lens.

hydrophobic lens

1 year WARRANTY – “No questions asked policy”

No questions asked policy

Fino Double Aspheric lenses COME with 1 year of Warranty
If the end consumers are facing any problem with the lenses like manufacturing defect and coating peel off, the lenses will be Completely Replaced by the optician within the period of Warranty.
This is a “No-Questions-Asked” Policy where the consumer’s complaints will be considered with top-most priority. They will face no harassment while getting the replacement.
However there will be certain Terms and Conditions which will be informed through proper channels both to the consumers and the opticians.

Fino DAS - Available with Fog Id

Fino DAS - Available  with Fog Id

Value For Money

Value For Money